Funeral / Thanksgiving

Go forth upon thy journey from this world, beloved soul: in the name of God the Father who created thee; in the name of Jesus Christ his only Son who hath redeemed thee; in the name of the Holy Spirit who gave thee life and giveth thee life still. Accompanied by angels and archangels and by all the company of heaven, may thy portion this day be in peace, and thy dwelling place the heavenly Jerusalem.

It is a privilege for us to conduct here the Funeral and/or the Thanksgiving Service for a member of one of the Inns or a member of our congregation.

If you would like our help, please get in touch with Catherine de Satgé here, 020 7353 We realise that you will need to arrange the funeral, in particular, at short notice and at a most unsettled time.

You will probably be visiting this part of the site if you have yourself been recently bereaved; we are here to help, and hope that we can offer here the Farewell and Tribute that you are hoping for, for one you love. We will have you in our prayers and thoughts as we prepare the service with you.