Our services at the Temple follow the Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England.  The Book of Common Prayer reached its present form in 1662.

Most of our services are choral. We invite the congregation to join, of course, in singing the hymns, the Venite (at Mattins) and the Creed (at Communion). For the rest, we hope that you will enjoy the singing of the choir and the playing of the organ.

Such a service is an opportunity to bring our own cares quietly to God; and to set those cares within the vast, unfolding purposes of God, our Creator and Redeemer. We hear in these services of God’s unending love for his people and for his whole creation: in the story of the Old Testament and the songs of the psalms; in the story of Jesus himself; in the letters of the apostles; and in the hymns and creeds of the early church. So we learn, as a church and its members, to trust God’s care for ourselves and for those we love; and to entrust ourselves to the life that he calls us to live.