Who’s Who

This is a short note from Robin Griffith-Jones, Master of the Temple here at the Temple Church, to introduce my colleagues. They and I look forward to welcoming you here; we will be delighted to see you at our services, concerts, talks and special events.

Hugh Mead, the Reader, is an immensely experienced preacher and pastor; he has written a distinguished history of St. Paul’s Boys School, where he served as chaplain for many years. We are delighted to announce the appointment of Roger Sayer as Director of Music. As a hugely experienced choir-director, organist and accompanist, he is perfectly placed to build on the legacy left us by James Vivian. Roger will work closely with Associate Organist, Greg Morris. They are among the most talented and dynamic of London’s musicians. The Church is returning to the forefront of the capital’s musical life.

During the week, if you ring you will probably speak with Catherine de Satgé or Liz Clarke. Catherine is in daily touch with the families for which we are arranging a baptism, marriage or memorial service. Liz knows all there is to know about the choir and the recruitment of new choristers. If you call in to visit the Church you will be warmly welcomed by John Shearer, our Verger, or one of our volunteers on any day that we are open to the public.

We are raising funds, in order both to enhance the bursaries that we can offer to our choristers and to make possible further concerts and recordings. 

It will be a great pleasure to hear from you if we can be of any help. So much the better, if you are able to join us before long for a service. We hope you and your family will enjoy being here.