The Revd Robin Griffith-Jones

Master of The Temple

Robin Griffith-Jones worked at the auctioneers Christies on leaving Oxford in 1978. After working, 1984-6, with Mother Theresa’s Sisters in India and with the long-term homeless in London, Robin studied theology in Cambridge. He served as Curate (assistant minister) in outer Liverpool, 1989-92 and as Chaplain at Lincoln College, Oxford University, 1992-9; at Oxford he was also College Lecturer in Theology for Exeter College. He is now a Visiting Lecturer in New Testament Studies at King’s College, London.

Robin was appointed Master of the Temple in 1999. Apart from the Temple Church itself, his chief interest is in the New Testament. He has written four books: The Four Witnesses (about the gospels,2000); The Gospel according to Paul (2004);The Da Vinci Code and the Secrets of the Temple(2006); and, most recently, Mary Magdalene (2008, with the title Beloved Disciple in the USA). All are available through

Here at the Temple, we have had two years of special projects. Robin launched and ran the series of discussions Islam in English Law, whose papers he and his colleagues are now preparing for publication. A Temple Church / Courtauld Institute conference studied the Church’s own history; Robin co-edited the papers which were published in 2010 under the titleThe Temple Church in London. The Church has been pleased to host the exhibition Lawyers without Rights: German-Jewish Lawyers in the Third Reich.