With this ring I thee wed;
with my body I thee honour;
and all my worldly goods with thee I share:
in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

You are likely to be visiting this part of the site because you have recently got engaged. If that is the case – many congratulations to you both!

First Things First: Some Administration….
The Temple Church is a beautiful church for weddings. In case you are thinking of being married here, it may be helpful to outline the conditions that must be satisfied.

The Church does not have a licence for the celebration of weddings, and it is thanks to kind permission from the Archbishop of Canterbury that we can conduct them here. The Archbishop lays down clear conditions for the granting of the Special Licence that we require. For a couple to be married here, it is necessary that:

i. either the bride or the groom is a member of Inner or of Middle Temple; or
ii. either the bride or the groom is a child of a member of Inner or of Middle Temple; or
iii. either the bride or the groom is a grandchild of a Bencher of Inner or of Middle Temple.

The Archbishop’s office is also very pleased to consider our applications on behalf of couples where:
iv. either the bride or the groom is employed by Chambers in the Temple or by Inner or Middle Temple; or
v. either the bride or the groom is a regular member of our congregation here

For further details, you may like to download the Wedding Guide and then to contact Catherine de Satgé, 020 7353

We look forward to hearing from you.